Sandcrawler - LEGO set #10144-1

Sandcrawler - LEGO set #10144-1

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Brand: LEGO

Details: Sandcrawler (LEGO #10144-1) is a nice LEGO set from the Classic Star Wars theme. This is a huge set with tons of detail. This is a challenging but fun build with all those brown pieces. You get a ton of different droids from that classic Star Wars scene where C3PO & R2-D2 meet master Luke for the first time. Includes 3 Jawas and Uncle Owen as well. There's a nice cross slice that comes out to give the inside detail. There's also a crane to load and unload droids.This is a great collectors piece.View photos of item to get a closer look at all the features and details.Guaranteed to be 100% complete.

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